When rescheduling an appointment, the original appointment must be canceled first to ensure the following:

  • The original appointment time slot is freed-up for booking.
  • If the client pre-paid for the booking using a pass, package or other credit, it can be refunded and re-applied to their account to use for the new session they reschedule.
  • The client may wish to use a different method of payment for the rescheduled appointment.
  • The package/pass the client may have used could have expired before the rescheduled date.

Avoiding double-bookings is a very high priority for the Runara application, and processing the cancellation before the rescheduling ensures the original session time is released and avoids what would appear to be a no-show from the client (and the complications therein).

Please note: 

You do not have to manually cancel an appointment to reschedule. Clicking the "Reschedule" button performs this for you and presents you with a pre-filled Appointment Booking screen to help expedite the whole procedure.